25% OFF SALE Almond Firewood, The Best! Save$ Heat w/Wood Call Now - $29 (Arroyo Grande)

condition: new
make / manufacturer: God
size / dimensions: 15" Split
Firewood, The Best! Save$ Heat w/Wood, Call Now!
The price of Natural Gas to heat your home in Ca. has just jumped up Double!! So if your bill was $95 it could be $200.00 this Month!!

We will also do Trading, Trades, Barter for Handyman services, Tractor or attachments, Tarps, Tents, Trampoline, Chicken food or bedding, Farm Animals, Fruit Trees, Ranch Hand services, Tools, etc..

Come and get the Best Dry Firewood from us. Even if it's raining! Seasoned Eucalyptus and Almond burns Hot, Long, leaves little or no ashes and cleanup. It is a very hard wood so you get more heat for your money than any other wood. It takes up less space and gives more Heat or BTU. It does Not have Sap and Pitch like other woods, Pine etc. that pops, leaves a Sticky mess on your clothes, hands, car paint etc. Seasoned Dry Eucalyptus is the Best ! Call Now

DRY Seasoned Firewood. Never buy Fire wood unless it has been cut, dried and Seasoned for Years or it may Smoke, Pop, Burn your Eyes etc. Fire wood for sale Wholesale, this is the Best wood to burn. Eucalyptus burns Hot, No No Smoke, Smells Good, leaves little residue, split and ready, Nicely cut up and ready for your camp out, bon fire, home heating, cooking etc. Eucalyptus has more ( BTU 36 ) or Heat than any other tree wood in the world!
Oak only has 24 BTU and its Filthy Dirty. Pine is only 17 BTU.... One of my Customers said it burns like Toilet paper.

We are close by the dunes. Just bring your SUV, Car, Truck Pickup, etc and fill it up, or sell you ANY amount you like, $20 and up.
We can also deliver to your campsite. You get more for your money if you come to our place and we will load it for you and give you a bunch of extra wood, Kindling and starter wood FREE!!!!
Close to you.... 5 minutes

We have over 2000 Trees and the wood is seasoned, small and large pieces as you wish, It burns 2X longer, hotter, no smoke, no popping, no pitch or sap like the wood they sell everywhere else.

Call now. We also have lower prices if you want to cut down your own or have a chain saw to cut it up yourself.
Eucalyptus smells good. It is an Essential Oil that is good for you. It is the BEST HARDWOOD IS EUCALYPTUS AND ALMOND!

Always hiring people to cut wood CASH!!! if you or anyone you know wants to make extra money$$$.
We have numerous yards and are close by you.

When you buy from us, You'll Never go anywhere else again!
Mr Woods show contact info

Hardwood. Seasoned, Split, Clean, You can get any amount you want.
It burns twice as long as other woods. Seasoned wood means No smoke, No Pitch, starts easy
Heating costs of Natural Gas have gone sky high. Hurry before we run out

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