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Hosting with AmeriStudent is a wonderful opportunity to experience new cultures and make an impactful difference in a student's life! Our agency specializes in pairing students with the right family. One that fits what each party is looking for in a living situation. We have long term (10 month) and short term (2-3 week) programs available. Depending on what you're looking for, we can accommodate!

Our Agency has already started confirming placements for the next school year. If you've been thinking about hosting or you are currently hosting, now is the best time to sign up with AmeriStudent! So if you're in Slo, the Central Coast, Arroyo Grande, or Pismo beach areas consider applying with our company!

Monthly stipend offered varies depending on location/responsibilities/duration of stay. Stipends can be between $800-1000 for high school students and a bit less for independent college students.

Minimum hosting requirements:
Furnished room that you can supply photos of in the application

Please feel free to call the number attached to this listing to talk with me, our Homestay Manager, Amanda. You can also reply to this email to chat. If you know you'd be a great fit, please take the first step and complete the application on our website:

Without this application, we cannot move forward in searching for a good student match. It's a short and simple 10-minute application but it's one that could give your family a life changing opportunity. It's free to apply and we do not ask for any personal information.

Best Wishes,

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