Male Ducks (Atascadero)

I have two male ducks that need a new home. My males outnumber my females. To a good pet only home where they won't be dinner... or any meal. We love them a lot but just can't keep them all. One is a black afro ducks and the other is not, looks more like a mallard. Both are so handsome. Both are very fertile, so if you have females, they are perfect for them! If you don't and you just want a couple of pet ducks to spoil, they would be great together without any other ducks, as well. Their names are Jerry and Big Baby (my daughter named them). To insure a good home we are asking a small $30 fee. Nothing crazy, but I want to make sure they won't be food. They live with my chickens and other ducks, so are definitely accustomed to being with other feather friends. Since having my ducks, I have noticed my chickens are safer from crows/hawks and such, as the ducks spot them very quickly, and when they hide, the chickens follow. They are used to dogs, as we have dogs. We just want them to go to a good home that is going to love them like part of the family. Please feel free to call or text me. No spam please. We will require a signed contract stating they are going to a good home. This is the only stipulation besides the fee that my daughter has asked. She is 12, so please don't question her judgement on this one. Pictures for those seriously interested.

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