electric pygmy hovercrafts circle the ardennes (San Luis Obispo)

it must be the summer heat, but boy, some of the postings on here have become absolutely outrageous, haven't they? My favorite recent one is by the guy who wants to "record female singers for free" in a house in Paso somewhere. I mean, maybe he's a nice guy, but seriously...if you're a chick, are you seriously going to walk into a sketchy scene like that without a bodyguard? I wouldn't, and I'm a 6-foot dude who's built like a rugby player haha

the other point that's worth making in the context of the rather dreary music scene of this town is simply the following: music is the only profession in which being utterly inept and bereft of original ideas is not an automatic disqualification. Literally the only one. Cause if you show up for a job working on boat motors for example, and you concede 10 minutes in that you don't actually have the faintest clue about marine transmission repair or electrical engine circuitry, then guess what? you instantly get fired. Not so in music...any bumbling idiot can treat themselves to a guitar and then proceed to label themselves a "songwriter." Chilling, isn't it?

I could (and kind of want to, but won't) list every live act in SLO county, and explain which ones should continue and which ones should stop. Now you may think...why would he care? Simple reason...the more inept bands there are out there, the less room there is for people to be heard who actually are talented. And it's not an age thing either...young bands can be good - seasoned players can be good too. It all comes down to the material...if you're a band leader, are you a brilliant writer? If not, then shame on you for forcing other musicians to play your music.

And what is this playing at wineries thing about? I mean seriously...why would anyone want to waste their time doing a 3 hour set in a mostly empty room to people who don't care who's even playing? that I will never understand. A good gig should be about 45 minutes long, should involve booze and pretty women, guys trying to look cool, music that's life-changing, and maybe some tacos after...why the hell not? If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

The point I'm trying to make is this - SLO is a really cool town with a lot of cool places to go...and it could be like Liverpool in the 60s or Athens, Georgia in the 90s, if only people would ratchet up the quality level a notch or two. Let's do that starting today.
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