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David J. Hallstrom, Esq.

Defending Your Loved One’s Legacy
Protecting Your Interests

I focus my practice exclusively on trust and probate litigation, seeking to defend your loved one’s legacy while protecting your interests. If your loved one’s legacy is at risk, or you think your rights are being trampled, contact my trust and probate litigation team.

  • Trust Enforcement

  • Property Ownership Disputes

  • Accountings

  • Trustee Removal

  • Trust Contests

  • Will Contests

  • Financial Elder Abuse

My team understands that all good relationships are built on the mutuality of good faith, goodwill, and care. Conflicts invariably arise when these values break down, but conflicts can be resolved. My exclusive focus on trust and probate litigation means I can help you to understand your options, so you can choose your best next step. I work collaboratively with my clients to select strategies towards resolving matters informally as well as through litigation. I will wield the sword of justice to assertively defend your interests, truth, and virtue. Nobody can guarantee any particular outcome in a legal matter, but I aim for effective, practical, and timely results.

Recent Five Star Client Review

“David Hallstrom is a supremely competent attorney. He litigated a complex estate dispute for us with grace and professional excellence, leading us to a solid win! 10/10 would recommend Mr. Hallstrom, and would absolutely work with him in the future should the need arise.”

About Me

I bring a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of law that is useful in my trust my trust and probate litigation practice. I believe in the power of ideas and have honed my skills to grasp and communicate complex concepts. This has enabled me to become an exceptional litigator and appellate attorney. My background living in California, Brazil, Utah, Florida, and the United Kingdom has helped me to develop a broad, global perspective and understanding of people, which has proved to be invaluable in my practice of law. In my free time, I enjoy working out, meditating, reading, and surfing.


  • US Supreme Court

  • 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals

  • 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals

  • California State Courts

  • Florida State Courts

Contact Me to Schedule a Consultation

Based in Orange County, I serve all of Southern California and the Central Coast.

Call me at 805-424-5672 to schedule your consultation!

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