Professional Web and App Developer + Graphic Designer (SLO)

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Call me: 888-250-4307


First and foremost, I'm a family man who loves to work from home because I get to spend lots of time doing fun activities with my wife and kids. Second, I'm a successful creative director, developer and marketer ready to help you with just about any creative or technical project. Although I am usually with my family, I work around the clock and travel everywhere with my laptop. I have many references who can confirm this.

Out of the many reasons you should work with me, here are ten:

1. I've been a creative director since 2005. Self taught designer and marketer since I graduated from high school (class of 2004). I have worked with many different types of companies, my experience supersedes most designers and developers because I've dived into so many different industries.

2. We can screen share so you can watch me work which lifts a huge burden off your chest if you've dealt with people who lag, give excuses, call or email you 2-5 days later. To this day clients say things such as, "Wow, I am so glad I found you, you make this so easy when we screen share, I would have saved so much stress, time and money if I would have found you 10 years ago".

3. Quick turnaround times! With so much experience, I can accurately give you a timeframe for the job completion and I will meet it 100% of the time.

4. Affordable pricing! I can't really make a website for $200 like I used to when I was 21 (I'm 37 now). I wish I could, but I have a wife, kids, bills, etc. I also give better pricing if we work together long-term. This is why I host over 150 websites and constantly have returning and referral based clients.

5. I'm a great communicator! Many times a client can't really explain the message they want to convey, and most designers and developers can be a little awkward when trying to have a conversation. I listen and communicate to get you exactly what you want.

6. I'm a designer AND developer. Typically you can only find one or the other. I do both and I do it extremely well. I've been designing since 2003, and I taught myself how to code in 2010.

7. I am honest with all my work. I don't have what I call "surprise fees". Lot's of freelancers do this. They'll do some work for you and then say, "Ok, now you owe me an extra $1,000". This infuriates people and usually the business relationship ends fairly quickly because the client feels they are being taken advantage of. All of my work is clearly detailed in contracts, there are no "surprise fees" with me.

8. I am a Google Ads and Analytics guru. I currently manage 12 Google Ads accounts. I had a company bring in over $400,000 in one month back in 2021 during the pandemic.

9. You are supporting my family! You get great service and you are also supporting my wife and I in raising our kiddos. My kids are Judah 7, Julian 3 and Jireh 1.

10. If you choose to host your website with my company, I have 24/7 support, 99.6% uptime, security, backups, updating plugins, and much more. I'm always available in case anything happens.

- Graphic design
- Web design & development
- App design & development
- Software Development
- Google Ads
- Website/Cloud Software hosting
- Server setup & maintenance
- Phone systems (PBX/VOIP)
- Photo & video
- Social media marketing

Before hiring someone:
1. Ask to see between 5-10 websites they've created and make sure they're mobile responsive.
2. Make sure you can talk to them over a video call like Zoom so you can talk to face to face.
3. Make sure they're not outsourcing to another country overseas, you will lose lots of time and money.
4. Make sure they have at least 5-10 referrals from actual clients (not their friends or family)
5. Always make sure the price is not "too good to be true". In this industry, 2 things I know for sure... "You get what you pay for" and "Cheap is expensive". I constantly get calls from people saying "Hi, I talked to you a year ago, and I ended up hiring someone cheaper and it was a nightmare, can I hire you now?"
6. Don't let them buy your domain, always purchase your own domain.
7. I would stay away from Squarespace, Wix and other 3rd party websites as they are usually not very professional, they can't be customized as much as other CMS's and they're not really good for SEO.

Get in touch so we can work together. You won't regret it, I promise.

Davey Duarte
Creative Director / Senior Developer
Call: 888-250-4307

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