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Don is a 72 Year old Veteran who has lived in San Miguel for the last 2 years. Don has two cats and loves to draw and tinker with his fifth-wheel trailer and truck. The hot weather is hard on don who lives in his trailer with only his solar system, no water or sewer hookup. He has a regular routine each day to care for himself, buy food, ice for his cooler and keep fit on his bicycle. He likes to write and is trying to learn how to use his computer. Unlike other RV dwellers that have resided in San Miguel don is supported by the community because he is a good neighbor in all ways. Even the local government representatives understand Don is a positive force that needs to be looked after. Now that you know Don let me explain what could make his daily life better.

Shade has a cooling effect on RVs, Don has no shade, With some shade fabric and some long T-post we could construct a shade fence
Electricity to run a small refrigerator would allow Don to keep fresh food. A used solar panel and controller to boost his existing system, any voltage could be adapted. Don is very mechanical and can assemble these items into a better life. Please Help Don!
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