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legg innlegget til favoritter Appreciating any leads to a legitimate sit-down job (Slo and Ocean areas) skjul innlegg vis

..that doesn't include intense computer work..just not my thing, or anything I learned much about
Everything anymore is too multi.... And "fast paced" such a cliche...Im sure the SAME people write All the job ads on here. But..they're Always on here !! . Crummy jobs. Crummy non - livable wages.. !
I'm needing a way to survive here and need a nice income asap. Only issue is...
My feet aren't great any more, so need an option of sitting
some of the time- shouldnt be a big deal. Even at least a temp thing is fine too.
Please , nothing that insults my intelligence. Like solicitation, stupid questions ,or any risky financial dealings

Thank you
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