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Christian non-fiction.

Oh the joys of being a Christian! To surrender the day to God and then to look for Him in our circumstances. What an interesting way to live!

"THIS" is about the 'strange,' fun, unexpected and sometimes unusual events that have been happening in my life over the last few years... and what He says about them. Prepared to be awed!

May this book 'inspire' you to surrender your day to God and trust Him for what is going on around you.

God does speak to us through our world.

Over the course of a few years, the oddest, sometimes humorous circumstantial things would happen to or around me. As I pondered the event, I would enquire of the Lord about them. He would explain or offer words of wisdom.

If this can happen to me, then it can happen to you. Ask for it. One thing is for sure, it makes life more...interesting.

For more than thirty years, I've been listening to the Lord. I started out hearing 'yes' or 'no' answers and graduated to hearing complete answers. So I've learned to ask a lot of questions!

My belief is that God speaks to us all the time in different ways.

Chapter titles:
Foundation - Insect Object Lesson
What is Hidden... in My Pocket...
Being Blessed or Pennies and Dimes
Faithful or Cat Theology
Fruiting - So You will be Known
Freedom - Not Just Another Word
Gifting - Dandelion Bouquet?
Judging - I guess I'm not God!
Living Your Life - Ruled by the Ringer
Look and Listen - Info not Noted Contained the Truth
Peanut Butter Surprise!
Perceptions - Looks Aren't Everything
A Perfect Fit
Praising...What the Whisk!
Provisions - Bird Show Truths
Rainbows or God is Greater than His artwork!
Rear Guard - A Lesson through my Cell Phone
Refuge or The Ants go Marching on
Relax - to the Rescue
Roots - My Careful Plans Destroyed
Seasons - Hmm, Some Aren't Fun
Seeking - More Cat Theology
Shoes of Peace - Spiritual Footwear for...
Spiritual Food - The Ants Keep Marching on
Thwarted Blessings or a Cake Caper
Trust - Breakfast of Champions
Uniqueness - Green is the color of my True Love's Hair
Value - What the Prince said
Warnings - Rising Winds
Where's your Focus? or Shoo Fly, don't Bother Me!
While Waiting or Not Wanting Patience
Worrying or Birding

This is also an e-book (for $2.99).
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