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Do you have a yard you're too busy to deal with? Are you interested in making your community an example of sustainable and efficient use of natural resources? Do you prefer the flavor of vine ripe tomatoes over the bland industrial hot-house varieties that are the best deal in stores? Perhaps we can all work together to make the most of residential property, precious water, and at the same time eat better food for less cost.
I am not a licensed landscaper. I am not looking to charge people for a service. I would like to meet people who are willing to allow a garden to be planted on their property. I would like to get people together who would enjoy volunteering to do some gardening. If harvests are good enough, maybe it would be possible to make the gardens pay for themselves by doing some sales at the local Farmer's Markets.
Profitability in terms of money is not my goal however. Saving money on food would be great for both property owners and volunteer workers. Getting a return on the expenditure of the water bill would be an incentive for hard working people who are currently spending their water bill on merely aesthetic landscapes. Being less dependent on the corporate food supply system would also benefit all parties involved. I expect that both property owners with hectic work schedules and people with some free time who are not able to garden at home would come to enjoy symbiotic relationships of an equitable nature.
I work evenings and may not respond to emails promptly, but I do hope to hear from you and even opinions on this idea would be appreciated. If victory gardens, fish, freshwater prawns, crawfish, greenhouses, vertical gardening, graywater irrigation, compost piles, and getting your salad and starches from the area you live sound neato, we should try and make it happen.
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